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TIME TRAVEL TO THE 70s Kim applies to be as Charlie’s angel

Kim Kardashian (41) takes a trip back in time to the wild 70s for her clothing brand “Skims” and styles herself in a retro look for the new swimwear collection. Where. In a mansion à la Miami Vice, surrounded by white king poodles and umpteen gorgeous models.

TIME TRAVEL TO THE 70s Kim applies to be as Charlies angel
Hello Charlie, this is angel Kim! Wow. Kim Kardashian poses for her new swimwear in a sharp retro look

The megastar recently lost around eleven kilos and seems to feel really comfortable in his skin. With platinum blonde Seventies blow-dry, gaudy make-up and huge earrings, Kim Kardashian is reminiscent of an angel from the cult series “3 Angels for Charlie”.

Kim Kardashian could pass for an angel for Charlie

In it, three sexy police academy graduates Sabrina Duncan (Kate Jackson, 73), Jill Munroe (Farrah Fawcett, †62) and Kelly Garrett (Jaclyn Smith, 76) are hired by the Charles Townsend Agency in Los Angeles as private investigators. The ladies contact their boss Charlie via telephone. They have never seen him live.

In one photo, Kim is already picking up the receiver of the iconic phone. Would the boss of the three angels, John Bosley, have hired the beautiful entrepreneur? Probably. Who can say no to THIS hot sight….

No, here come not the three attractive detectives of Bosley. Kim Kardashian just wants to show her sexy swimwear

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