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500 MILLION EURO 10 tons! Record find of cocaine in the port of Hamburg

500 MILLION EURO 10 tons Record find of cocaine in the port of Hamburg

Depending on the region, the seized cocaine has a market value of around 500 million euros. Stretched, the value of the substance even goes into the billions

This record find hits the international drug mafia in the core and is a sensational coup of the customs!

Customs narcotics investigators have succeeded in seizing a quantity of more than ten tons of the purest cocaine in the port of Hamburg. The second largest find ever made in Europe!

Officials of the Stuttgart Customs Investigation Office had received a tip after extensive investigations that a shipment was at a Hamburg container terminal on July 5, in which the record amount of narcotics should be hidden.

In the sea container were loaded different goods, between them stored hidden the cocaine!

During the night, a closely guarded truck brought the highly explosive delivery of the drug mafia to the main customs office in Hamburg on Finkenwerder Straße: the container was x-rayed there. Later, investigators unloaded the cocaine and hauled tons of narcotics out of the sea container.

The substance had been packed in plastic foil and marked with various logos of the South American drug mafia.

Heavily armed special forces arrived during the night, secured the drugs with officers and dogs, and the Hamburg police also surrounded the area near the Köhlbrand Bridge.

The 10-ton “snow” – it is the second-largest cocaine seizure of all time in Europe. Only one seizure was bigger: In February 2021, officials from the Customs Investigation Office in the Port of Hamburg seized several containers of putty from Paraguay, containing 16 tons of cocaine with a street value between 1.5 and 3.5 billion euros.

Since early July, the alleged cocaine baron Khaled B. (49) has been standing trial at the Hanover Regional Court. According to the indictment, the IT specialist, along with accomplices, brought 13,824 blocks of cocaine packaged in 1,728 metal canisters in a shipping container from Paraguay to Germany.

The recently seized ten tons of cocaine are now stored at a secret location in Germany, and investigators are working intensively to identify the masterminds behind it.

But what is behind this record seizure? BILD asked the responsible Public Prosecutor’s Office in Düsseldorf for information. Spokesperson Julius Sterzel declined to comment on the massive quantity of cocaine.

The division (Central Office for Combating Organized Crime, “ZeOS”) of Prosecutor Sterzel specializes in combating drug gangs, counterfeit money networks, human traffickers, and criminal family clans. In addition to their authority across the country, ZeOS benefits from international cooperation.


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