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Christmas Tragedy Strikes Near Paris: Five Bodies Discovered in Meaux Apartment

In a devastating turn of events, five bodies were found this Christmas Day in an apartment located 50km from Paris, in Meaux, France. The victims are believed to be a mother and her four children, with the family’s father suspected and currently evading authorities.


The precise circumstances of this tragic incident remain unclear, prompting active investigations to shed light on the situation. Although the victims’ identities have not been officially confirmed, indications suggest a mother and her four children.

Police Response

Police were summoned to the apartment following reports from neighbors indicating possible domestic violence. Upon arrival, they discovered the five bodies, initiating a thorough investigation to determine the exact causes of death and reconstruct the sequence of events.

Suspect and Escape

The father of the family is presently the primary suspect, currently on the run and sought by the police. Authorities have launched a manhunt and seek public assistance in locating the suspect.
This grievous tragedy has deeply affected the community of Meaux and the entire nation. The investigation is ongoing, with further details expected to be disclosed in the coming days.


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