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David Kozak Kozák: Shooter identified!

David Kozak Kozák Shooter identified mentnews

In a shocking turn of events in Prague, the alleged shooter, identified as David Kozak, has been found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Confirmation from the police is still pending.

The shooting took place at the Faculty of Philosophy of Charles University at Jan Palach Square in Prague. Reports indicate that at least 10 people have been killed and dozens injured. The exact circumstances of the shooting remain unclear, and the police have not released details about the victims or the specifics of the shooting.

A car camera recorded the shots during the massacre at the University of Prague
On December 9, David Kozak opened a Telegram channel and wrote: ‘This will be my diary about how I attend schoo

Preliminary information suggests that Kozak shot three people and injured 20 others before taking his own life. The shooting occurred on the fourth floor of the building of the Faculty of Philosophy of Charles University. In a desperate attempt to escape the gunfire, some students tried to climb out of the windows and hold onto the ledge. Tragically, one girl was unable to maintain her grip and fell, becoming the fourth casualty of the attack.

News is circulating that the alleged shooter, identified as David Kozak., is reported dead after a self-inflicted gunshot. Police confirmation is pending. #prag

— Mentnews (@Mentnews_) December 21, 2023

Police have cordoned off the area and have advised people nearby to stay indoors. Emergency services have confirmed that numerous people have been injured but have not provided further details.

The Mayor of Prague, Bohuslav Svoboda, confirmed that the shooter is dead and there are indications that it was due to a self-inflicted gunshot. The Czech Republic’s Interior Minister, Vit Rakusan, stated that there is no additional shooter on the scene and no immediate further danger, but urged the public to cooperate with the police.

The exact motives of Kozak remain unclear. However, disturbing final messages from him were found on social media, posted before the horrific mass shooting in Prague.

Investigations into this tragic incident are ongoing. More information is expected as the police conclude their investigations


YOU HAVE NOT found each other (in alphabetical order by surname; according to the information available from
friends, colleagues, etc.)

  • Tereza Dolezalová – Communication and non-hearing
  • Dominik Fabera – Student
  • Ad Feynmann – Language and communication of non-hearing impaired people
  • Lucie Fribertova – Bohemian studies and non-hearing communication
  • Klára Holcová – student of archival science and Czech studies
  • Adam Jurak
  • Aiden Kristlova (Bc1 at JKN and Translating and Interpreting from English)
  • Magdalena Kristkova – communication of the non-hearing
  • Sara Lidicka, first year languages and non-Saxon communication
  • Agáta Michalova – Bohemian studies
  • Marie Moravcova
  • Aneta Richterova, non-Saxon communication
  • Eliska Simunkova – Communication
  • (✝)Lucie Spindlerova – still does not write back to her family
    NASLI SE (in alphabetical order by surname; according to available information from friends,
    colleagues, etc.)
  • Majda Aujezdecká – in hospital
  • Matej Baladrán – safe and sound
  • Lada Bozovsky – fine
  • Eva Brozová – in hospital
  • Cabanová – in hospital
  • Jan Diask – teacher – injured, apparently in hospital
  • Lucie Dvorakova – on vacation outside the Czech Republic
  • Edita Ehrlichová – in hospital
  • Sophie Grandcourt, 1st year Communication – in hospital
  • Jája Gramblicková – according to her friends she called
  • Terka Heller – seen at the Rudolfinum
  • Vladimira Holmanova – everything is fine
  • Anna Houzvickova, literature – OK
  • Rachel Horká – was taken to the hospital
  • Katerina Hronova – well
  • Sascha Kaufmann – in hospital
  • Tereza Konselova – reportedly in hospital
  • Natalia Kopacka – in hospital
  • Eliska Krizkova, Communication of the Unheard – in hospital
  • Prof. Macurova – OK, reportedly in hospital
  • Daniel Mrkvicka – OK according to earlier reports
  • Klara Navratilova – OK
  • Nodiova – in hospital
    Eva Radilova – OK

– Tereza Reisingerová – OK according to the latest information

Tereza Richterova (according to info from comments) in hospital

  • Elias Rusnok – he is fine, he was with a friend in Rudolfinum
  • doc. Lucie Saicová-Rímalová (info: all members of the ÚCJTK and ÚCLK)
  • Katerina Schneiderová – OK
    Tereza Skolkova – allegedly in hospital
  • Dorota Supikova – according to earlier information OK
  • Lucie Telisková – according to a friend OK
  • Tereza Votinska – OK
  • Lucie Zverinova – in hospital
  • Daniel Zák – in hospital


Lucie Špindlerová

Lucie Špindlerová

Regrettably, Lucie Špindlerová, a deaf student and proofreader, did not make it through the tragic assault. Sadly, her family confirmed that she was one of the fourteen individuals who perished in the incident.


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