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Wimbledon reporter’s “stupid question” gets epic response from Venus Williams at Wimbledon press conference

Wimbledon reporter's stupid question gets epic response from Venus Williams at Wimbledon press conference
This year, the former Wimbledon champion is competing in mixed doubles alongside Jamie Murray, Andy Murray's brother.

The answer Venus Williams gave to a reporter’s question about why she was playing at Wimbledon this year has caused quite a stir.

On Saturday, they won their first-round match against Michael Venus and Alicja Rosolska 2-1 in sets, but it was the post-match press conference that got everyone talking.

Watching a clip released by BBC Sport, a reporter asked Williams, who has won the women’s singles at Wimbledon five times, if she was “close to winning.”

The man really asked Venus Williams if she'd entered a tennis tournament with the aim of winning it

— DRUNK ON ALL YOUR STRANGE NEW WORDS out THIS WEEK! (@EddieRobson) July 3, 2022

This reporter was referring to the fact that the pair’s respective siblings didn’t make it past the third round when they played together in 2019. He added, “Or is the first goal just to get past the third round, where Serena and Andy were the cutters.”

The older of the Williams sisters didn’t take the question well, responding, “What kind of question is that. We’re going to take a little walk. Come on.”

The reporter didn’t stop there, however, and asked, “Are you here for the question or are you walking all the way?”

Not letting that go either, Williams clapped back, “Are you going to write a good article or just a halfway decent one?”

Needless to say, people love Williams’ sassy answers to the reporter.


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