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Ana Maria Paixao sets husband André Chapeta on fire

André Luiz Chapeta Ana Maria Paixao

Ana Maria Paixao sets husband André Luiz Chapeta on fire with alcohol. CCTV has filmed Ana Maria walking up to her 50-year-old husband Andre Chapeta and dousing him with a flammable liquid, described as alcohol, before setting him on fire with a cigarette lighter. He is then seen running from the back of the store premises in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, towards a toilet to try and extinguish the flames with water.

Ana Maria Paixao claimed her action was self-defense, but police in Rio de Janeiro confirmed that he “posed no threat to her physical integrity.”

The attack occurred in the early hours of Monday morning at the fishmonger’s premises in the Jardim America neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s second largest city. Andre Luiz spent four days in hospital, but has since died. Police chief Flavio Ferreira said: “What she says is not what the picture shows.”

“The picture shows Andre Chapeta sitting on a chair. Ana Maria Paixão arrives, pours out the liquid and lights him on fire. She was not in a vulnerable situation at that moment, she was not in a situation where she would be immediately attacked.” On the contrary, as I said, he was sitting there and posed no threat to her physical integrity at that moment.

Sad post on Facebook Daughter Ana Carolina Paixao posts on Facebook “Te amo pai,te amo muito. descanse em paz meu coroa” Translated I love you dad, “I love you very much. Rest in peace my crown”

Ana Carolina Paixao Facebook Daughter

Police have confirmed that they believe the woman acted out of “jealousy” after an argument, but are not elaborating at this stage. Ana Maria told the local press in an interview before her husband’s death and after her release from custody that she had acted in “self-defense” after being physically attacked by her partner, which was not caught on camera. although the CCTV footage released does not appear to support her claims.


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