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Andrew Kimmel: Keanu Reeves was on my flight from London to NYC today

Hollywood star to touch: Keanu Reeves is probably the nicest VIP on the planet

Andrew Kimmel Keanu Reeves was on my flight from London to NYC today

Megastar Keanu Reeves (57) is probably the nicest Hollywood star ever. Not only colleagues appreciate that about him. His fans also get plenty of his kindness. A boy met the “Matrix” star now at the airport in New York and pestered him with questions. Instead of being annoyed, the Hollywood star took the time to answer every single question.

TV producer Andrew Kimmel (“Shark Tank,” the U.S. “Lion’s Den”) overheard the conversation. He posted a photo of Keanu and the boy at the conveyor belt.

He wrote: “Keanu Reeves was on my flight from London to New York City today. A boy asked for his autograph at the baggage carousel and then launched into a rapid fire of questions. Keanu happily answered every single one.”

Here, the boy approaches Keanu Reeves and pesters the superstar with questions

The boy asked what Keanu had been doing in London. “Filmed a documentary,” Keanu replied. The boy had seen on the Internet that the movie star was at the Silverstone Grand Prix. In the process, the boy probably pronounced x at the end of Prix. Keanu didn’t improve on him – just respectfully and at eye level repeated the word, pronounced correctly, and answered the question in the affirmative.

Also whether he himself drives Formula 1, the boy wanted to know from the Hollywood star. Keanu: “Not Formula 1, but I like to ride motorcycles.”

And yes, I geeked out a little and asked for a photo. I mean… had to. Have a happy 4th everyone!

— Andrew Kimmel (@andrewkimmel) July 4, 2022

Whether Keanu lived in New York, “In L.A.” – How long will you stay in New York? “Four days! No … five! Five days.” – On why he was in New York. “A Broadway show” – What show? “American Buffalo! Mamet!” – Where he was staying – “Midtown.”

Then the boy ran out of questions. And Keanu, he just turned the tables. According to Kimmel, the megastar asked, “Why were you in Europe?” “What galleries did you go to?” “Which one was your favorite?”

TV producer Kimmel summarized: Keanu “couldn’t have been nicer, mind you, after an international flight.” You cover that distance on a plane in eight hours. One or the other can become impatient on the way from the airport to the long-awaited hotel room. But not Keanu Reeves!

Why the TV producer published this encounter? He: “Little moments like this can make a big difference in people’s lives. We need more Keanus!” He’s right!

Lastly, the producer himself asked for a photo with the superstar – of course Keanu let him do that too.


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