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Ben Hsu Accidentally Swallows AirPod

Ben Hsu Accidentally Swallows AirPod

In a bizarre and scatological twist of fate, Ben Hsu, a Taiwanese man from the port city of Kaohsiung, found himself in an extraordinary situation involving an Apple AirPod. Hsu, a navy recruiter, had a rather unconventional encounter with technology that left both medical professionals and tech enthusiasts astounded.

The Unusual Incident

It all began innocently enough. Hsu, like many of us, fell asleep while wearing his Apple AirPods (model unspecified). However, when he woke up, he realized that one of the earbuds was missing. Panic set in as he searched high and low for the elusive wireless earphone. But Hsu, being resourceful, turned to his trusty iPhone and the Find My iPhone app for help.

The Beeping Stomach

The app, designed to locate lost Apple devices, led Hsu on a wild goose chase. The beeping noise seemed to follow him around the room, and to his surprise, it was emanating from his own stomach! Yes, you read that correctly. The missing AirPod was inside him.

The Medical Intervention

Hsu wasted no time and promptly visited the Kaohsiung Municipal United Hospital. Doctors confirmed what seemed impossible: he had indeed swallowed one of his AirPods. Now, you might wonder how an electronic device could survive the perilous journey through the human digestive tract. Well, it turns out that the plastic shell casing of the AirPods acted as a protective shield, preventing any damage that could have been caused by the earphones’ lithium-ion battery.

The Natural Passage

The medical team recommended a natural approach. Hsu was given a laxative and advised to let nature take its course. And so, with a mix of anticipation and trepidation, he awaited the inevitable. The next day, after a visit to a railway station toilet, Hsu retrieved the missing AirPod from his bowels. It wasn’t the most glamorous retrieval, but it worked.

The Remarkable Resilience

Now for the truly astonishing part: after a thorough wash and drying session, the intrepid AirPod earbud still worked! Its battery level? A respectable 41 percent. Hsu described the experience as “magical,” and we can’t help but agree. Apple’s build quality had truly stood the test—albeit an unconventional one.

A Cautionary Tale

While Hsu’s story is equal parts fascinating and amusing, we must emphasize that swallowing electronic devices is not recommended. Please refrain from attempting this at home. Let’s leave the magical feats to the AirPods and stick to more conventional uses for our gadgets.

In the end, Ben Hsu’s digestive adventure serves as a testament to both human resilience and Apple’s engineering prowess. And who knows, perhaps this incident will inspire a new line of “digestible” tech accessories. But until then, let’s keep our AirPods where they belong—firmly in our ears.

Disclaimer: The events described in this article are based on factual reports, but the interpretation and whimsical tone are purely creative.


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