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Daniel Logan kills 5-year-old Jeremy Tang Diaz with a baseball bat

Daniel Logan

Daniel Logan, a 39-year-old man, beats 5-year-old Jeremy Tang Diaz to death with a baseball bat.

The tragic case of six-year-old Jeremy Diaz from Texas, who died after a brutal attack in his home, is both heartbreaking and alarming. Two months after the incident, Jeremy succumbed to his injuries.

The intruder, Daniel Logan, 39, allegedly broke into Jeremy’s family home in Georgetown and attacked him with a baseball bat. Logan was initially charged with aggravated assault with a weapon and injury to a child. Afterward, the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office stated that it would present the case to a grand jury to upgrade the charge to capital murder after receiving the results of the Travis County medical exam.

Jeremy’s father, Arturo Diaz, has shared his son’s moving experience on a GoFundMe page titled “Help Sweet Jeremy: His Fight for Life and Rehab.” Jeremy suffered a severe seizure caused by a brain injury called a neurostorm, which his family described as a six-hour “hell on earth.” Although Jeremy struggled to recover for over 60 days, his condition eventually worsened, leading to his untimely death.

He was reportedly attacked at random. Logan had also previously attacked his 65-year-old mother with a baseball bat before attacking Jeremy, according to affidavits. The Diaz family describes Jeremy’s fight for his life as horrific and unimaginable for any child. However, they also emphasize his cheerful and lively nature as well as his huge potential and dreams. They call for donations, prayers, volunteers and public sharing of Jeremy’s story to raise awareness and support.


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