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Derna in ruins: Catastrophic floods claim 10,000 lives

The authorities are anticipating a staggering 10,000 fatalities following the catastrophic floods in the east of Libya. The city of Derna has been devastated by the floods, after two dams collapsed during Storm Daniel.

The impact of the floods in the east of Libya is devastating, and the authorities are bracing themselves for a shocking number of 10,000 fatalities. The city of Derna, which has been hit by the floods, is now in ruins, and its residents are in a state of despair and shock. The consequences of Storm Daniel were catastrophic, as two dams broke and water poured uncontrollably into the city.

The scale of the disaster is almost incomprehensible, and it will take months, if not years, to repair the damage and rebuild the city. The people on the ground urgently need international aid and support to cope with the extent of the destruction and to rebuild their lives.

It is crucial that the global community comes together and lends a helping hand to the suffering people in Libya. They urgently require support and adequate resources to deal with the current crisis on the ground. The government of the country is already taking measures to achieve long-term improvements in infrastructure and prevent future crises.

Les #inondations dans la ville de #Derna, dans l'est de la #Libye, ont fait 5 000 à 6 000 disparus", a déclaré un porte-parole de l'armée nationale libyenne.

— Allons-y (@AllonsY_Social) September 12, 2023

The tragedy in Derna is a sad example of the impact of climate change and the need to take action to protect the environment and minimize the effects of natural disasters. The tone of the paragraph should be persuasive.


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