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Easy Jet Crew Exposes Couple in Love Both Identified on Instagram

Easy Jet Crew Exposes Couple in Love Both Identified on Instagram

EasyJet cabin crew caught a couple entering the so-called “Mile High Club” on a flight from Luton to Ibiza last Friday. The shocking images of the incident are now circulating on social media and have caused a stir.

In a clip posted on X, formerly Twitter, a flight attendant can be seen opening the door to the plane’s restroom, showing the couple half-dressed inside. The man pushes the door shut again while the crew member, wearing glasses and an easyJet uniform shirt, rests his head in his hands. The other passengers erupt in cheers and hysterics when they spot the couple. One woman screams, “Oh my f.. god.”
The “Mile High Club” is a term used to describe couples who have sex during a flight. Although the club is usually considered a myth, there are always reports of couples trying to enter it.

For EasyJet cabin crew, however, the incident was anything but amusing. The company has announced that it will launch an investigation into the incident and that the couple will face consequences if identified.

The rules of conduct aboard an aircraft are clearly defined and cabin crew are tasked with enforcing them. Entering the “Mile High Club” during a flight is not only inappropriate, but also illegal and can lead to serious consequences.

Easy Jet flight crew EXPOSE a couple attempting to join the mile high club 😬

— Censored Men (@CensoredMen) September 11, 2023

EasyJet has stressed that it has zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior aboard its flights and that it will do everything it can to ensure that its passengers are treated safely and with respect. The company has also pointed out that there have been similar incidents in the past and that it is cracking down on such behavior


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