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Ex-Sarah Brady accuses him of “emotional abuse”

This indiscretion is likely to shake Jonah Hill to the core. His ex-girlfriend, Sarah Brady, shared disturbing text messages from the actor on Instagram, which paint him in a negative light. The Hollywood star is accused of “emotional abuse” by Brady.

Apparently, anger has been building up in her for a while. Sarah Brady, a surf instructor, is currently sharing a significant number of private messages that she claims to have exchanged with her famous ex. Jonah Hill, 39, is being publicly called out by her. She not-so-subtly suggests that he is misogynistic through the old evidence from her phone. The actor and the law student spent about a year together. Hill is currently happily dating Olivia Mill and became a father in June 2023.

Jonah Hill: Ex Sarah Brady shares message exchange

On July 7, however, hell broke loose for the star. His ex, Sarah, started posting screenshots of several text messages that he allegedly sent her during their relationship on her Instagram story. Initially, she kept the sender anonymous, but later made it public. Based on the chain of provocative and perplexing messages, the American woman referred to her former partner as “misogynistic.”

“This is a warning to all girls. If your partner talks to you like this, make an escape plan. Call me if you need a listening ear,” she commented, among other things, on an alleged request from the actor to delete all surf photos and a video from her Instagram channel.

Sarah did as she was told and apparently deleted the relevant posts. “Three removed, video not yet, it’s my best surfing video,” she informed him. “Would you feel better if the thumbnail was different? Are there any specific pictures that bother you?” to which Jonah replied, “Yes. One that doesn’t show your butt in a thong.”

“I have set my boundaries clearly”

Hill reportedly told her that this was “a good start,” but it seemed she was incapable of understanding his standpoint. “But it’s not my job to educate you. I have set my boundaries clearly,” he allegedly continued. “You refuse to let go of some of them, and you have made that clear, and I hope it makes you happy.”

In another message, he allegedly wrote, “Plain and simple. Needing to surf with men. Boundless, inappropriate friendships with men. Modeling. Posting pictures of yourself in a swimsuit. Posting sexual pictures. Friendships with women who are in uncertain places and stem from your wild recent past that go beyond lunch or coffee or something respectful. I am not the right partner for you.” Neither Sarah Brady nor Jonah Hill have commented on requests from various American media outlets so far.


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