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From children to senior citizens: the 13 liberated Israelis

From children to senior citizens: the 13 liberated Israelis

The 13 Israeli prisoners: The full list and statements from leading politicians.

In a remarkable act of liberation, Israel has succeeded in bringing 13 of its citizens home from captivity. The list of those released includes various age groups, including children, adults and senior citizens. The relief and joy at their return was underscored by the emotional statements of the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister.

The list of the 13 released Israeli citizens is as follows

Doron Katz Asher, 34 years old

Aviv Katz Asher, 2 years old

Raz Katz Asher, 4 years old

Daniel Aloni, 44 years old

Amelia Aloni, 5 years old

Karen Monder, 54 years old

Ohad Zachary-Munder, 9 years old

Ruthie Munder, 78 years old

Yaffe Ader, 85 years old

Margalit Mozes, 77 years old

Hana Katzir, 77 years old

Adina Moshe, 72 years old

Hanna Perry, 79 years old

13 בני ערובה ישראלים שוחררו הודות לצה"ל

— Fansbook (@fansbook66) November 24, 2023

Commenting on this important event, Prime Minister Netanyahu said: “We have now completed the return of the first of our abductees. Children, their mothers and other women. Each of them is a whole world.” He also emphasized the ongoing commitment to return all the abductees: “This is one of the war aims and we are determined to achieve all the war aims”.

Defense Minister Galant added: “We have taken an important first step – we will continue and do everything necessary to bring the abductees home. This is our duty to the abductees, their families and the State of Israel”.

The return of the 13 people is more than just a successful rescue mission; it is a symbol of Israel’s hope and commitment to its citizens. As the nation celebrates the homecoming, the determination to ensure the safety of all Israelis remains unwavering.


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