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Justyn Vicky (†33)Bodybuilder breaks his neck during workout and dies

Indonesian bodybuilder Justyn Vicky tragically dies after an accident at the gym.

A tragic accident occurred on July 15 in Indonesia: bodybuilder Justyn Vicky (†33), who is followed on Instagram by about 30 thousand people, injured himself in the gym. He later succumbed to his injuries in hospital.

But what had happened? The skilled athlete is said to have trained with a 210-kilogram dumbbell, which he placed on his shoulders during an exercise. Then disaster struck: The 33-year-old lost his balance and fell down – the heavy dumbbell landed on his neck.

As a result of the serious accident, Justyn Vicky suffered a broken neck – he was immediately taken to hospital. But here they could not do much more for the bodybuilder. After an emergency operation he died.

Fans mourn the loss of their fitness role model on Instagram: “He was always full of positivity and made sure I stayed motivated. I will never forget his impact on my fitness journey. It’s a tough loss, but we will keep his spirit alive,” writes one user under a video of the late Justyn, for example.


Justyn Vicky death video!


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