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Mike Tyson’s Unwitting Encounter with Phoenix Serial Killer Dale Hausner: The Shocking Revelation

Dale Hausner and Mike Tyson

In a bizarre and unsettling twist of fate, former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson found himself shaking hands with Dale Hausner, a notorious Phoenix serial killer. Tyson, unaware of Hausner’s grim background, met him under the guise of a sports writer.

The meeting, which took place just days before Hausner’s true identity and crimes were revealed, occurred at a local gym where Tyson was training. Hausner, who had taken the lives of eight individuals in a series of ruthless attacks across Phoenix, managed to deceive Tyson, presenting himself as a sports journalist interested in the boxing world.

This unsuspecting interaction took a dramatic turn when, a couple of days later, police officers arrived at the gym. They revealed to a stunned Tyson the horrifying truth about Hausner. Tyson, known for his ferocious demeanor in the ring, was reportedly taken aback by the revelation, struggling to reconcile the man he had met with the heinous acts he was accused of.

Dale Hausner’s crimes, which terrorized Phoenix, came to a head with his arrest and subsequent conviction. He was found guilty of multiple murders and numerous other charges, resulting in a sentence that reflected the severity of his actions.

The incident serves as a chilling reminder of how easily appearances can be deceiving and how even a figure as intimidating as Mike Tyson can unknowingly find himself in the presence of a dangerous criminal masquerading as an ordinary citizen. The encounter between Tyson and Hausner remains a footnote in the larger, tragic story of the Phoenix serial killings, highlighting the unpredictable and often hidden nature of violent criminals.


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