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Anita Alvarez submerged unconscious in the pool

Anita Alvarez
Footage of the fainting and rescue of US artistic swimmer Anita Alvarez, who collapsed at the end of her synchronized swimming routine at the World Swimming Championships. Her coach Andrea Fuentes, without thinking, jumped in dressed to save her.

Huge shock moment at the World Swimming Championships in Budapest!

During the solo freestyle of the synchronized swimmers on Wednesday evening, the US American Anita Alvarez (30) sank unconscious in the pool!

What happened? Already during the freestyle Alvarez had lost her orientation in the pool shortly after the start of the deciding competition. Immediately afterwards, other swimmers noticed that the US star collapsed in the water.

Photos show that Alvarez, supported by her coach, was brought to the edge of the pool, where she was then pulled out of the pool by other medical attendants.

About half an hour later, however, the all-clear was given: a caregiver confirmed that the U.S. swimming star was doing well again, Alvarez is said to have collapsed due to stress.

This was not the first incident of this kind for the US swimming star, as the attendant later confirmed.

After the moment of shock, the gold medal went to Yukiko Inui (31) from Japan, ahead of Marta Fiedina (20) from Ukraine and Evangelia Platanioti (27) from Greece.

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