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Cynthia Black two years behind bars for keeping dead grandmother’s body in freezer

Cynthia Black Jail
Cynthia Black, a Pennsylvania woman, faces two years behind bars for keeping her dead grandmother's body in her freezer to collect Social Security benefits.

Two years in prison for Cynthia Black, who kept her dead grandmother’s body in the freezer to collect her Social Security checks

Up to 46 months in prison have been set against a York woman who kept her dead grandmother’s body in a freezer to collect her Social Security benefits.

Cynthia Black, 63, is sentenced to two consecutive terms of 11.5 to 23 months for receiving stolen property and theft, court records show.

Black was also charged with abuse of a corpse, for which she was sentenced to two years probation.

The remains of Black’s grandmother, Glenora Delahay, were discovered Feb. 7, 2019, by individuals inspecting the property on Kralltown Road in Warrington Township for possible purchase by the bank.

While inspecting an outbuilding on the property, the callers examined the inside of a white freezer, police said in an affidavit.

When they opened it, they discovered the skeletonized remains of a human in black trash bags with a blanket over them.

After checking with the previous owners of the property, police determined Black was the last known owner.

Black told police that she had received financial compensation from Delahay for care and continued to receive financial compensation intended for Delahay after her death.

She admitted to police that she was unaware of Delahay’s death and believed her grandmother may have been alive at age 112.

Cynthia Black will begin her sentence on July 15, 2022.

I feel like she deserves more time in prison than just two years? That seems more like a 5-10 year crime to me. Also, do we know how the grandmother died? Are we sure Black didn’t murder her? Some things don’t add up.

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