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Denise Richards now has an OnlyFans account

Denise Richards now has an OnlyFans account
Mother and daughter now have Onlyfan's account. Denise Richards Sami Sheen on Onlyfans

Denise Richards is now active on the erotic platform OnlyFans ( Just a few days after her daughter Sami registered there, Charlie Sheen’s ex is now following suit.

Denise Richards follows her daughter Sami on the erotic platform OnlyFans.
Ex and father Charlie Sheen is obviously not thrilled about it.
It is not yet known whether mother and daughter show themselves naked there.
Like daughter, like mother: US actress Denise Richards (51) is now active on the video platform OnlyFans. The ex of Charlie Sheen (56) announced this in an Instagram post. There she wrote to a beach video, “Ready…. Let’s go!”, added the hashtag #OnlyFans, and shared the link to her page there in her Instagram bio.

Just a few days ago, her daughter Sami also signed up for the erotic website, where private content can be shared for a fee. As a rule, these are of an erotic nature, but this is not a must. It is not yet known whether Sami and Denise Richards will also show themselves undressed there.

Denise Richards’ OnlyFans page, which is already fully set up, already has a verification stamp and can be accessed for a $25 per month subscription. A three-month package currently costs $67. A post has already been filed there, with the headline “Best view in Malibu.”

Sami Richards’ father, Charlie Sheen, disapproved of his daughter’s action in an interview with “E!News.” “I don’t condone it,” the former “Two and a Half Men” star said. However, he said he could not stop it and only urged Sami to add style and creativity to her channel there. Asked about her daughter’s activities, Denise Richards said, “All I can do as a parent is guide her and trust her judgment.” However, she added, her daughter makes her own decisions.

What exactly is OnlyFans, anyway?

OnlyFans is a social network similar to Facebook or Instagram. The only real difference: fans have to sign up for a paid subscription to consume the content. The platform became known primarily for pornographic content for adults.

In recent months, however, more and more celebrities can also be found there. Rapper Cardi B (29), actress Carmen Electra (50) and actress Bella Thorne (24) have attracted a lot of attention with their accounts.

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