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Patriarch slips on holy water during the service

Patriarch slips on holy water during the service
Russian Patriarch Kirill fell during a service in the Novorossiysk church because the floor was wet with holy water.

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church later assured the faithful, “I’m fine.”

In the video, the clergyman can be seen descending from the pulpit, slipping and falling ruinously to the ground, whereupon the Russian director quickly changes the shot to the outside of the church

The floor is beautiful, you can see yourself reflected in it, it’s so shiny and smooth,” Kirill said later during the sermon, “but when water falls on it, even if it’s holy water, the laws of physics kick in. I fell on this beautiful ground unfortunately, but by the grace of God without consequences”.

Russian patriarch Kyrill and a supporter of Russian genocidal war has literally hit the new low.

— Sergej Sumlenny (@sumlenny) June 25, 2022
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