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Vo Chill BUY – Wine glass chiller

Shark Tank 2023: The two founders Lisa and Randall Pawlik developed Vo Chill, a wine cooler with and without a stem.

Vo Chill Shark Tank

The two founders Lisa and Randall Pawlik developed Vo Chill, a wine cooler with and without a stem. It allows you to cool your drink in an elegant and effortless way. By using Vo Chill, your wine will stay fresh and cool as heat is removed from the glass, allowing for long-lasting temperature control. The wine coolers with and without stems are available in elegant colors like Stone, Blush or Quartz. Now that Lisa and Randall have taken Amazon and the online market by storm, perhaps the next goal is to get into stores.

In the Shark Tank, the founder gave a very good presentation, which the sharks liked very much. A conversation took place between the shark and the entrepreneur about the performance of the company.

The couple Randall Pawlik and Lisa Pawlik have really created a special product that should be used by many people. With its price, this product belongs to the list of premium category.

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Randall Pavlik

Ever since he was a kid, Randall wanted to become an entrepreneur and create unique products. He took a course in computer-aided design, which helped him deepen his passion. Through this skill, Randall was able to become the inventor and designer of VoChill.

Lisa Pavlik

She is a marketing and sales associate and has worked as the marketing and sales manager at Heb Restaurant for 6 years. She is the co-founder and general manager of the company.

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